About Us


Our vision is to facilitate communication by companies that work to overcome global health challenges.


As a trusted communications partner, our mission is to build sustainable market recognition to meet our clients’ short- and long-range goals.



WMC is the brainchild of Beth Willers, who wanted to transform the standard agency approach to marketing communications and public relations (PR) support. We deliver bespoke communications solutions from the brand up (established brand, or brand refresh, forward), flexibly scaling support or training programs to meet evolving customer needs, and billing based on actual hours used.

Using a consultancy approach, WMC is run daily by Beth and supported by a global network of vetted experts in their fields. WMC is founded on transparency, quality and respect for our clients’ budget and goals. Services are concentrated in the life sciences sector.

Our Team

  • Beth Willers, Principal Partner

    Beth Willers stumbled into life sciences (LS) in 2010. After curating a decade of sales, recruiting, and marketing expertise, she decided to restart her career in PR in whatever industry would take her. Beginning as an intern in the LS division of a PR agency, she immediately fell in love with how this industry impacts the world, and rapidly grew to direct the LS division. In January 2016, Beth took a leap of faith to launch White Matter Communications to test a new approach to brand-based marketing communications and PR. As principal partner, Beth drives agency and client strategy. And while she is not a scientist by trade, she’s taken the time to learn “ your language” with ongoing industry-focused learning, including BioBasics certification.

  • Cynthia Challener, Director of Scientific Content

    Cynthia is a “full-stack” technical writer with over 16 years’ experience in editing and market research for the chemical and allied industries, including several years of working closely with co-founder Beth Willers. In recent years, she has directed content covering key issues in the pharmaceutical industry for That’s Nice, LLC and written several articles for prestigious trade journals, including Pharmaceutical Technology and BioPharm International. Her PhD in Chemistry from UChicago is a core asset to our team, as Cynthia brings a powerful combination of advanced scientific understanding and skillful content creation to clients.

  • Hilary Ayshford, Managing Editor

    Hilary is a media services consultant based in London and well-known figure in the life sciences editorial community. She began her long editorial career in agriculture journalism, which put her on the path to becoming the managing editor for B2B life sciences industry magazines Manufacturing Chemist and Cleanroom Technology for over 15 years. Her extensive knowledge of the English language is complemented by a BA (Hons) from Heriot-Watt University in German and Spanish and her deep familiarity with industry news and trends around the globe is a key asset to our team.