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Could Christmas Trees Be in Danger? Recent data collected on global plant conservation says they could be, along with many other common botanical species. BioTechniques reports that “The list includes plants vital… Read More

January 8

Universal Flu Vaccine May Be Out of Reach Science reports that a vaccine to cover multiple strains of influenza and last many years, if not for life, remains “an alchemist’s dream.” This… Read More

December 4

Infectious Prions Spread Through Corneal Grafts GEN has reported that evidence of infectious prions responsible for sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (sCJD) has been found in eyes of patients who are deceased. Researchers from… Read More

November 30

Antimicrobial Resistance Concerns Continue to Rise Last week was World Antibiotic Awareness Week, to help increase global awareness and education surrounding antimicrobial resistance (AMR). With concerns growing that current antibiotics available will… Read More

November 23

A new pathway to help understand alcohol addiction uncovered Researchers may have found a pathway in the brain between alcohol and a protein responsible for encoding memories. This pathway is said to… Read More

November 19

Week 44 in the News: Bayer called on to separate company’s divisions Some industry experts called for division between healthcare, crop sciences, and animal health entities of Bayer, but CEO Werner Baumann… Read More

November 8

Week 43 in the News Nicotine exposure has been associated with cognitive deficits, such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Researchers at University of Florida College of Medicine experimented with nicotine exposure… Read More

November 2

Week #41 in the News Nobel Prize awarded to researchers behind enzyme tech that gave us Humira This year’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to researchers whose work on enzymes has… Read More

October 19

CPhI Worldwide in Madrid came and went, and we are still recovering from the whirlwind. Thank you to those who took the time to meet with us. We look forward to a… Read More

October 14

September got the best of us here at WMC, so instead of a weekly roundup, this newsletter takes a look at some of the interesting headlines from the month. Progress and comment… Read More

October 1