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Body clock breakthrough may result in new asthma drugs The inflammatory response in asthma, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease is partly controlled by human circadian rhythms according to new research. The authors say… Read More

August 31

A new look at Parkinson’s diagnosis Korean scientists say diagnosing Parkinson’s may soon be faster and easier thanks to research linking the disease to thinning of the retina. The team at the… Read More

August 22

First RNAi drug approved in US The US FDA has approved its first RNA interference drug, giving Alnylam the green light to sell Onpattro (patisiran) for the treatment of nerve damage caused… Read More

August 18

New thalidomide findings should aid safety testing for related cancer drugs The Dana-Farber Cancer institute says the discovery of the mechanism through which thalidomide causes birth defects will help developers assess the… Read More

August 10

Non-mutant LRRK2 gene may play role in Parkinson’s disease according to study Drugs being developed to treat a rare, inherited form of Parkinson’s may also combat more common forms of the disease… Read More

July 31

Study raises concerns about using CRISPR to treat disease The prospect of using CRISPR-Cas9 to edit sick peoples’ genes was dealt a blow last week by a study suggesting the technique results… Read More

July 26

Trump claims Pfizer’s temporary drug price hike deferment as victory On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced Pfizer was “rolling back” price increases implemented on July 1 after he spoke with CEO,… Read More

July 19

US FDA efforts to stop conflicts of interest in review panels falling short say researchers A Science suggests some members of US FDA review panels go on to receive financial support from… Read More

July 13

Herpes virus may have role in Alzheimer’s disease according to research Herpes infection may play a role in Alzheimer’s say researchers who found a higher concentration of viruses in the brain tissue… Read More

July 2

Drug shortages still a concern says US FDA Early notification requirements are effective according to the US FDA, which says it worked with manufacturers to prevent 147 drug shortages in 2017. The… Read More

June 27